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AtC News updates

  • (21/12/2010) Beta released.
  • (15/11/2010) Update: Battle UI in development.
  • (08/11/2010) Update: Working GMG (Grenade Machine Gun) added successfully.
  • (30/09/2010) Update: Koshtay map in development, L85A2 Weapon model successfully imported into ETW.
  • (26/08/2010) Content: Sangin Map work begins.
  • (12/08/2010) Content: Rosters released for UK and US.
  • (07/08/2010) Content: Models added to view.
  • (07/08/2010) Website: RSS Feed to ISAF website added & Front page restructured.
  • (06/08/2010) Navigation: Links back to the section menus, and homepage, are set up. Please report any broken links. The new links are at the bottom of every page.


(14/4/2011) Busy busy busy

What is Advance to Contact (AtC)?

Advance to Contact is a custom battlemod modification for Empire Total War. Project Millennium, is the first in a long line of custom battlemod releases, this project in particular will focus on the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

                                                            Our History - Nations At War

Nations At War is one of the top three most popular and highly anticipated mods for ETW. During the long wait for modding tools, the team and the project has developed, and whilst many mods and teams have fallen by the wayside, NAW has gone from strength to strength. Our path of development has been to change form in an attempt to remain practical, successful and relevant to the means at our disposal. The team as well as the goals of the project have evolved. The culmination of our evolution is that we are now proud to announce that the Nations at War project is now thriving under a new banner: Advance to Contact

                                                            New team, new aims - Redux

After a complete team shuffle, new name and project overhaul, Advance to Contact, like its predecessor focuses on modern warfare, however unlike Nations At War that was envisaged as a single campaign project, AtC is a visionary team of cutting edge modders both new and experienced focussed on delivering an entire series of gaming projects.
  • Our first target is a battle-mod that has chosen the warzone of Afghanistan as its target. With 4 basic factions, accurate rosters, new play methods and gameplay overhaul. Primarily we intend to realise our vision of modern warfare by a high level military simulation of weapons, tactics and strategy. AtC is going to be an adrenaline pumping test of your skills in live combat, there will be little time to think, reactions, instinct and preparation will be key to this all new approach to Total War gaming. Starting in 2009/10 present, the player will be able to take control of realistic units and battle both for and against the ISAF. The units will range from line infantry and special forces, local militias and even suicide bombers, players will be able to use artillery, IEDs, HMGs, snipers, grenades, RPGs and all the load-outs you’d expect to see in a realistic simulation of the conflict.
  • A series of releases to add factions and units to the Afghanistan project. More and more unique ISAF factions and units will be added over time, from France to Hungary. A network of Insurgent factions will be developed, watch and play as the battles spills across the border into Pakistan, adding another coalition faction and a new insurgency group to play as.
  • A series of new projects, each focusing a particular conflict. Play as the British in the 1982 Falklands War, France in the 1956 Suez Crisis, Australia in Vietnam and more.
  • And lastly, the possibility for vehicles remains.
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Where else can you find us?

 AtC relaunched on 9/11/2010 and can be found here. The leadership team would like to thank Twcenter, and all its supporters.
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