New Signatures were released today. Please use them in your forums and enjoy!
We've been very busy the past 2 weeks. UK and US rosters published, a TWC Wiki under construction. Darkhorse has been interviewed :O And our biggest step so far, a completed and playable Kajaki Dam battlemap!
So, its pretty much a week on and the websites basic framework is starting to take shape. Pretty much all the pages for project millennium are up and the last, 100 edits or so.... have all been tweaks pretty much :P

Most the menu pages have been set up, the links should work, the first research content page should be coming soon :)
Cor, started uploading content today. Long long long way to go. I've got some of the menu's sorted and the some of the factions in. I have the feeling this is going to become rather large.
So this is it! AtC's blog. Darkhorse here. Hello everyone and welcome. Lots has happened, yes, name change, but that is only the beginning!