So, its pretty much a week on and the websites basic framework is starting to take shape. Pretty much all the pages for project millennium are up and the last, 100 edits or so.... have all been tweaks pretty much :P

Most the menu pages have been set up, the links should work, the first research content page should be coming soon :)
18/8/2010 12:17:53 pm

great page and love the unit roster for the uk and the us

22/8/2010 04:58:09 am

This looks awsome! My only questions are whether or not it will be steam-compatible, and when you can tell us when this will be released! No hurry, I'm just curious, though I will wait as long as I have to!

25/8/2010 02:59:29 am

Too early to say to both questions! Sorry! We will endeavour to make the mod as user friendly as possible!

5/9/2010 05:37:01 pm

Answer to one of these questions.

I have been assured that it would be steam compatible!


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