United Kingdom

The British army is one of the worlds most premier armies. Self proclaiming to "Be the Best" and this is a notion shared by many other nations militaries and their figureheads. Even inside the US. The British Army is a well equipped and advanced army whose training is possibly both the longest, and hardest of any armies. The British army was formed in 1661 and boasts a glorious 400 year history, and in modern times has fought in both the World Wars, Korea, Suez, Oman, and many other conflicts. The British have many values and traditions which they continue to uphold regarding for example, accuracy, the Ghurkha Brigade, and arduous training. The Army has shaped an unremovable mark on the state of play militarily which even now still is visible. British soldiers are trained to a standard which other armies would consider as elite when regarding their own troops and training programme.

British troops are known for being some of the hardiest, toughest men in the world, and this reflects in combat. Proved time and again even in recent years, in particular in 1982, in the Falklands, where against all odds the British army succeeded against a numerically superior Argentine foe. Sailing around the world and taking back the Islands. Once again in 1990, and in 2003, the British found themselves as one of the formations spearheading the advance in both Gulf wars, British soldiers and armour excelled in the desert, following on the tradition of fighting in the sands. The army prides itself on its well led soldiers, superior equipment, traditions and values. The British army is the largest in Europe, Numbering about 149,000 personnel and is claimed to be the best trained army in the world. It is supported by the UK’s extremely large, extremely well funded, developed, vital defence industry. Which includes heavy industry (tanks), aerospace (aircraft) and small arms manufacture. Being supplied by global firms such as BAe Systems, QuinetQ, and DSTL amongst others allows the British to field the best equipment possible and able to use the latest technological advances. The British army will remain on the leading edge of the worlds militaries for some time to come. It is extremely well funded, having the third largest military budget in the world (Circle 2008/2009). And is fully supported by a state of the art air force and one of only three developed blue water navies in the world. The British were the second largest troop contributors in both Gulf wars, and also in Afghanistan. Currently 9000 to 10000 troops are deployed in Afghanistan, with a more deployments looking likely. The majority fight in Helmand Province where they control the most dangerous and strategically important theatres in the whole country. The British also have sent numerous aircraft to support land operations throughout Afghanistan.

The British Army is currently undergoing a £16 billion transformation, the largest transformation in the history of the army. FRES, is set to develop 3000 new armoured vehicles for the British Army, each with the latest advances such as CASE cannon, ECA armour, and sully supported by the latest logistic systems.

United States of America

The US Army is the oldest branch of the US military, founded in 1784. One of the world’s most powerful fighting forces, it has a proud tradition of war fighting stretching back to fires of the American Revolution. The US Army is only one of seven of the American uniformed services, but is by far the largest, composed of over 1,000,000 men; the regular Army hosts over 500,000 men, while the Army National Guard provides another 360,000 men. Also, the US Army Reserve has almost 200,000 men. Besides these forces, the US Army includes a large number of Special Operation forces, including the fabled Green Berets and Delta Force. Currently, the US Army is the 4th largest in the world. Ranking behind China and India. While the US Army was originally founded as a land centred force, the necessities of the modern battlefield have led to the expansion of the Army’s capabilities. It has the ability to operate on land, in the air, and at sea, and is ready to deploy anywhere in the world. Despite the fact that the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that some pieces of American equipment are obsolete or in need of an upgrade, the US Army uses some of the best equipment in the world. For those pieces of equipment that are showing their age, the US government has embarked upon a massive upgrading program. Beyond this, the Army is constantly acquiring new weapons which will solidify its place as one of the world’s most powerful armies. The US Army has and has fought around the world. In its over 200 year history, it has seen both success and defeat, but the US Army will continue to be one of the world’s premier fighting forces. The force relies on the sheer will and patriotism of its soldiers and will continue to battle in the name of freedom for as long as America needs to be defended. Currently the US Army has 34,000 soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, where 24,000 are under ISAF command. The other 10,000 are under US command and are part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The Afghan National Army (ANA) (Pashto: د افغانستان ملي اردو / Persian: اردو ملی افغانستان) is a large newly formed army with 134.000 servicemen, to be upped to 260,000. It is the largest branch in the developed modern Armed Forces of Afghanistan and the first professional military force in the countries history. The Afghan population have historically faced many struggles in the past centuries, including British invasion and by Soviet invasion in 1979, on both occasions with its ad hoc, small and untrained early military forces dissolved and left the defence against the enemy to the rebel fighters such as the Mujahedeen, controlled by local warlords. After the Soviet withdrawal and 4 years of campaigning against the installed government, these rebel groups took control over the entire country, so that an Islamic military rule under the guise Taliban was established. After the US war deceleration against the Taliban in 2001 and it's head Osama Bin Laden, followed by a massive invasion using Afghan tribal forces, and US/UK special Forces, the irregular combatant cells developed from what was the official military and political institution. Due to early successful operations of US and other Special Forces, the installation of new government, and the birth of the ANA, the Taliban withdrew to mountainous regions and remote areas, to become insurgents fighting against the declared invaders and the young Afghan army, which has been constantly engaged in active combat since its formation in 2001.

The Afghan command is solicitous to fix the early weak reputation of the Ground Forces. Fighting capacity and training quality has improved and the ANA is now capable of operating separately from the Coalition forces, and has done since 2007. With help British and American training, joint operations with ISAF forces and the gathered combat experience against insurgency, the ANA has recently founded a well trained and equipped Commando Battalion composed of selected members from different army formations. The members of the battalion present the most experienced and best trained soldiers inside Afghanistan, and are able to perform counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations to similar standards of some Western forces.

The Afghan National Police (ANP) (Pashto: د افغانستان ملي پولیس / Persian: پلیس ملی افغانستان) is the primary national police force in Afghanistan. The Afghan police force was first created with the establishment of the Afghanistan in the early 18th century. It is under the responsibility of Afghanistan's Ministry of Interior. The Afghan National Police force is under development and being trained by NATO states. In 2005, the ANP replaced the EU led policing mission. Unlike the ANA and ISAF forces, the ANP have powers of arrest.
However, corruption within the ANA and ANP is severe. Casualties are extremely high, and the loyalty of the solders is dubious as their are issues over pay, equipment, ideals, religion and leadership. The ANA/ANP is often infiltrated by Insurgents, who have then targeted ISAF troops, other ANA/ANP members, or civilians. Causing distrust.

The Afghan National Army and the ANP is equipped with a wide range of soviet and US small arms and vehicles with additional western gear. Reform is well underway.

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