Project Millennium

Project Millennium is Advance to Contacts' first development.

The mod focuses on the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, following operations "Herrick" and "Enduring Freedom" numerous other ISAF deployments, and in addition those of their Afghani allies.

 The mod will pit the player, against the rough and ready Taliban, who have their own distinct set of units and skills. Struggle to find them as you patrol through Sangin, use your fighters to lock up your enemies in shock and surprise by means of ambush, IED's, mortar, or open firefight. Play as the highly advanced and extremely well equipped ISAF forces. Pick off your enemies at ranges with superior weaponry. Thwart ambushes and force your opponents to fight in the open. Call upon artillery & close air support to decimate your aggressor at danger close ranges. Or, play as the ANA, use your dynamic, young, but corrupt, and shaky force and survive the insurgency. Play with a mix of western styled elite units, and poor tribal militia's in the same faction! A truly unique style of play.

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