Taliban Unit Roster

Infantry Units & Arms

Chechen Volunteer Fighters: A three man team of battle hardened Chechen fighters, die hard volunteers who fight to the end. They are well armed with reliable Czech vz. 58 and the HK G3.

Ambush Gunmen: A three man unit of tough Taliban soldiers. Although their aim is off, these men are competent enough to score hits initially, they are fast moving and experts at setting up ambushes, their aim is to lay in wait and to shock and scatter ISAF formations with a barrage of small arms fire and grenades. Often used in conjunction with a machine gun team or IED's, They are armed with the infamous AKM, they are not expected to last long, and hence carry little ammunition.

Al Qaeda Sympathisers: a six man squad of well trained Al Qaeda fighters, they are tough, and unlike Taliban units have close to unbreakable morale. They are skilled in ambush and armed with the AKM assault rifle. these fighters have proved hard to kill, as they drug themselves and continue firing even when hit.

Fanatics: A pair of fanatically devoted fighters willing to give their life to deliver two large charges. Although the blast radius's may be small, they inflict horrid shrapnel wounds and can stun an enemy unit in shock and inflict heavy casualties.

Insurgent Veterans: Eight battle hardened  and well trained Taliban fighters, they are competent with their weapons and have a high degree of accuracy. They carry Misr AKM rifles, but have been known to pick up ISAF weapons or procure weapons from the black market, as a result some carry the M16A2. 

Scouts/Dickers: Known to the British as "Dickers", Taliban scouts are expert spotters, they infiltrate "shura's", or meetings between the ISAF and local forces. Generally unarmed, they are fighters nonetheless, and will scout ahead of an ambush, lay IED's, and participate in combat. This four man unit is armed with the SKS rifle and the AKM. 

Renegade Soldiers & Turncoat Policemen: A small 7 man unit of ANA trained and armed soldiers who have deserted and joined the insurgency. Some of their number are trained ANP personnel who have also joined the insurgency. Ditching their uniforms, these men are led by an experienced veteran fighter and are armed with the Canadian C7 and the Hungarian AK-63, they tend to be competent, tough and accurate troops. But they lack the resolve of Taliban fighters.

Haqqani Network Fighters: A skilled band of 12 fighters from the Haqqani Network. They are determined, tough, accurate and well armed with the G3 assault rifle and PKM machine guns.

Uzbek Fighters: Eight volunteers who crossed the border to fight for the insurgent cause. The Uzbeks are competent riflemen, honed to the Afghan environment and prove to be hardy opponents. They are armed with the AK-74, AKS-74, and AKS-74U, giving them greater accuracy at longer ranges. Rarely, some are fitted with night sighting equipment.

Taliban Fighters: A sixteen strong group of poorly armed, trigger happy, poorly trained Taliban fighters, generally ill paid volunteers. Known as "summer" Taliban, these farmers fight outside of harvest season. They are not as devoted to the cause, but still form a hardy adversary. They are classically armed with the inaccurate AK-47 or the Type 56. They are best used to restrict ISAF troop movement while the more experienced fighters move into position.

Supportive Tribesmen: An eighteen strong group of tribesmen from the more remote areas of Afghanistan who support the insurgency. Armed by the Taliban, these Type 56 and AKM equipped volunteers are ill trained, have low resolve and are trigger happy. However, these men know the land well and are skilled at hiding, making them useful in ambushes. Best used in short engagements, the barrage of fire these men can lay down initially will shock ISAF forces, but this will diminish quickly.

Support Options

Chechen RPK Team: A pair of experienced Chechen machine gunners, skilled in combat and highly mobile, they are armed with a pair of RPK light machine guns.

Taliban Facilitators: A pair of RPG-7 or Type 69 armed Taliban fighters whose aim is to lure ISAF and ANA forces into a larger ambush or onto an IED, often which they lay themselves. They are very skilled with their weapon and carry extra warheads. They are able to accurately reach out to 300 metres. Once their supply of ammunition is exhausted they fall back onto their AKM's.

Veteran Snipers: A pair of extremely skilled snipers armed with the SVD rifle. They possess great skill and marksmanship,  having fought Soviet forces years before the current war.

Taliban Ambush section: A two man team armed with a PKM and a RPD whose intention is to lace a ground with fire up to 800 metres away after contact is made. This is to prevent the withdrawal of the ambushed unit.

Taliban RPG Team: A trio of fighters armed with the RPG-7 and the Type 69 launchers. They are inaccurate past 150 metres and carry few reloads. They can fall back on Type 56's and AKM's

Huntsmen: A pair of lesser experienced marksmen, they can score kills up to 800 metres, but lack the training or experience to make this a common affair. They are armed with the powerful and accurate Lee Enfield SMLE, and the Mosin Nagant M1891/30

IED: The improvised explosive device, or IED, is a brutal and prolific weapon. They come in a variety of variants and are detonated in a variety of ways. These IED's are in the forms of large mines, set off on command. They are hard to spot, inflict heavy casualties, immobilising whole units or vehicles. They are often used to initiate an ambush or hinder movement. ,

1938 DShK A tripod mounted DShK 12.7mm heavy machine gun, with twice the power of the M2 Browning, this gun causes fear on ISAF troops. From a concealed position, this gun can inflict casualties on ISAF troops and vehicles up to 1500 metres.

KPV 14.5: A heavy machine gun chambered in the all mighty 14.5mm round, accurate to 2000 metres, rare in insurgent hands, the KPV can shred most ISAF vehicles and aircraft and inflict extensive damage on infantry formations.

AGS-17: A rare weapon in the insurgent inventory, the AGS-17 allows the Taliban to bombard enemy forces up to 1700 metres. Its fragmentation round is particularly lethal against infantry, but unlike western GMG's, is not particularly effective against buildings or vehicles.

PM-37 teams: The Taliban have a vast array of Chinese or Soviet mortars in their arsenal. Shockingly inaccurate, this pair of mortar crews armed with the 2WW Soviet 82mm PM-37 can pin down and scatter ISAF formations with their two four foot high mortars up to around 3000 metres, their high rate of fire (25rpm) makes them formidable. They can be concealed and are mobile. The crews carry SKS rifles.

Improvised Rocketry:  A series of guide rails are placed into the ground and obsolescent rockets are fired from it. Immobile and slow to reload, 4 small rockets can be fired at once, similar in blast size to a small mortar bomb, which are effective to around 4000 metres.The crew can abandon its position and fall back on their AK-47 rifles.

M1943 Team: The most powerful, and most inaccurate form of heavy fire-power on this roster. Armed with the rare but powerful 160mm M1943 Mortar Team, this immobile, 10 foot tall heavy mortar can put fire out to 5100 metres. This mortar is much slower firing, some 5 rpm, nor are its crews that better trained. The mortar is reloaded like a break barrel shotgun. The crews carry SKS rifles for self defence.

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