United Kingdom Unit Roster

Infantry Units & Arms

UKSF Assault: A four man team of elite operatives fielded from the SAS and SBS in classic "Princes Gate" gear armed with MP5 SMG's, a sidearm, and a unit 12 gauge Benelli.

UKSF Patrol: An elite team of casually dressed men from the SAS, SBS and SRR adapted to the task of patrolling deep behind enemy lines. 4 in strength and armed with C8's, a unit GPMG, and a unit L1A1. They are FAC capable.

148 Battery "Meiktila": 148 Battery are an elite group of artillery spotters and communications experts who go in action prior to a main engagement with Special Forces and usually spot targets for 29 Commando Battery or for Naval Gunnery. They operate in 6 man teams and are armed with L85A2s and a unit Minimi. FAC Capable.

Pathfinder Platoon: The Pathfinders are an advance guard of Paratroopers tasked with high intensity reconnaissance duties behind enemy lines. The operate in 6 man teams and are armed with  C8's, a unit L115, and are FAC capable.

Brigade Reconnaissance Force: A unit of Parachute trained Royal Marines commando who are experts in mountain combat. They are used as specialised patrol and reconnaissance troop. They operate in a section size (8 men) and are armed with C8's, and a unit Minimi. They are FAC capable.

Royal Parachute Regiment : The "Paras" or "Red Devils" are the UK's primary airborne force. The unit is of elite status, they have a feared reputation, and occasionally the rumours of their presence alone can force an enemy surrender.  Experts in counter insurgency warfare, they are portrayed in section size (8 men) and are armed with L85A2s, and a unit Minimi Para variant.

Royal Marines Commando: An 8 man section from the Royal Marines. These soldiers are tough and hardy and have skills perfectly honed and fine tuned in assault, as well as landings. the unit has a training programme which is the longest in the world. they are organised around the 8 man section, akin to army units, and are armed with L85A2s, and a units GPMG.

Royal Gurkha Rifles: The Royal Brigade of Gurhkas, recruited from Nepal, are the UK's jungle warfare specialists, although they are equally at home in any terrain. They are light role infantry, and carry the famous Kukhri knife. They are skilled in melee fighting and their charges are brutal. They are represented in a 12 main unit due to their melee specialism. They are armed with L85A2s, and a unit L85 LSW.

British Light Infantry:  A generic unit representing all the light role units in the British Army. They are skilled flankers, reliant on stealth, field craft, and speed rather than sheer weight of firepower. They are represented in a 16 man twin section. They are armed with L85A2s, and a unit L115.

British Line Infantry: A 16 man unit of standard British infantry in the "line" role. They have high resolve, are well equipped and trained. And can carry specialist equipment. They are armed with L85A2s and a unit Minimi

Support Options

7 Para RHA: 7 Para are 16 Air Assault Brigades only users of the L118 Light Gun. The gun is defended by a support team of skilled gunners and paratroopers armed with L22 IFV Carbines.

29 Commando RA: A troop of commando trained who are part of 3 Commando Artillery with an attached REME team (24 Commando Royal Engineers). They are able to dig in their guns at the price of higher minimum range due to the presence of the REME. The battery are experts in counter battery and counter mortar fire due to their close network of operatives and use of "Green Archer" style technology.

GPMG Team: A two gun section equipped with a L7 on a tripod mounting for precision or barrage fire, and an L7 with a bipod to support and range the primary gun.

60mm Mortar Team:  A mobile team equipped with the fast firing and multi role Hirtenberger mortar and L22 IFV Carbines.

81mm Mortar Team: A team equipped with the harder hitting 81mm mortar. However they are unable to move due to the large size of the mortar. They can dig in their tube and if needs be resort to their L22 Carbines.

Javelin Team: A skilled pair of Javelin operatives which provide the British Army with an excellent anti tank and anti fortification weapon system who also carry L22 Carbines.

LASM (Light Anti Structures Missile): The LASM is a rocket launcher carried by British infantry to breach walls and doors. This unit consists of a pair of gunners each with a single LASM and their L22 IFV Carbines.

Sniper/Spotter:  An extremely skilled pair of long range marksmen armed with the L115 LLR. This riflr holds the longest sniper kill record at over 1.5 miles.

Designated Marksman: A section marksman armed with the L96 Snipers rifles or the L129 Sharpshooters Rifle (A new rifle which is being issued). His/her skill is better than average, and the rifles can push out to 800 metres. They are used in the supporting role, where unlike a sniper, their task is to suppress and engage at shorter ranges than the precision sniper. 

L2A1: The L2A1 "Ma Deuce" represents the ultimate in anti infantry weaponry. Essentially British variant of the .50 Calibre machine gun, this weapon is powerful, feared, and respected.

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