Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Unit Roster

Infantry Units & Arms

Tiger Team: An elite team of ANA soldiers raised from the Commando Battalion, they are the equivalent of and trained by many Western Special Forces. They operate in 4 man teams, are extremely well equipped, wearing armour and helmets, and are armed with the M4 Carbine and M249 SAW.

ANA Commando Battalion Section (6) (M4)
National Civil Order Police (6) (AMD-65)
Tribal Pathfinders (2) (AKM)
Veteran Soldiers (8)
Afghan Border Police (Generic Light Infantry) (16) (AK-63, RPK-74)
ANA Infantry (16) (C7, PKM)
Afghan Uniformed Police (12) (AMD-65)

Guides & Interpreters: A four man team of local and western guides/ translators who accompany ANA/ANP forces whilst patrolling. ANA soldiers are drafted from all over the country, so do not necessary understand regional dialects. These guides can quiz locals for information on Taliban activity, represented by giving them a larger LOS.  They are very lightly armed with the AKM and the Škorpion vz. 61 and ill trained.

ANA Afghan Infantry in Training (20) (AKM)
Supportive Tribesmen (6) (SKS, Lee Enfield)

Support Options

Gun Detachment (D30)
ZU-23-2 (fixed, but in towed mounting)
82mm Mortar (fixed)
Elite Sniper Coupling (M24 SWS)
M240 Team (2 guns)
SPG-9 Recoilless rifle (fixed)
60mm Mortar
PK Team (3 guns)
Sniper Team (SVD)
ANA RPG Team (2 launchers)

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