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  • (06/08/2010) Content: Project Millennium page set up and completed.
  • (05/08/2010)Test Forum: I found this interesting looking feature, feel free to use it and test it out.
  • (05/08/2010) New Content: ISAF & Coalition faction descriptions uploaded today. Check out the AtC research section for more!

Announcement Archives

(21/11/2010) Update: Taliban roster released, check out the Project Millennium Unit Rosters
(19/11/2010) Release! Playable Beta coming soon!
(30/09/2010) Update: L85A2 Weapon model imported into game!
(11/09/2010) Relaunch! Advance to Contact relaunches on TWCenter!
(05/09/2010) Signatures: Broken Links all fixed!
(30/08/2010) Signatures: A range of forum signatures can be found here.
(17/08/2010) Content Update: Successfully got a custom map in game.

(12/08/2010) Content Update: British and American unit rosters released! Find them under Project Millennium.
(10/08/2010) Content Update: ROSTERS. Unit rosters for American and British infantry & artillery coming soon. These have been extremely well thought out by the leadership and research team and many weeks in the making. The roster will include information on weaponry, and unit sizes. Insurgent and ANA rosters to follow.
(04/08/2010) Changes & Updates: You'll notice over the next few weeks that lots of new area's will be added to the menu's, these may remain empty for sometime or may even be removed. We are creating the structure of the website, and this liable to be changed in the future. Content will be updated slowly in due course. Bookmark this page, and keep checking AtC for the latest news updates on our progress. This site will grow and develop, we have a dedicated team member whose task is solely to update this website on our behalf. You will see the research teams findings, essays and descriptions posted on new pages, you'll see the teams models, all strategic developments, and the results of the leadership cohorts decisions and meet the team.

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