United States Unit Roster

Infantry Units & Arms

Special Forces Wing Delta
: A four man team of elite operatives specialising in CQB situations. They are the primary "Snatch" or assault troops in special forces raids. They are armed with Model 733's and carry a 12 gauge Benelli.

SEAL Patrol:  A lightly armed and equipped 16 man patrol force intended for long range reconnaissance akin to those carried out by smaller UKSF teams. SEAL Teams have the advantage of numbers yet lack the training of other American or ISAF Special Operations Forces. They are armed with M4 Carbines and EBR's.

Green Berets: A 12 man patrol of skilled soldiers who specialise in setting ambushes, counter insurgency warfare, hearts & minds, and the training of local forces. They are FAC capable, and carry M16A2s and an unique M25 SWS.

75th Rangers: The US Army Rangers are the primary support group for forces such as Delta. They operate in 8 man "chalks". Rangers are used as light role infantry. They carry M16A2s and a unit M249 SAW.

MARSOC: MARSOC, formally Marine Force Recon, are a special reconnaissance unit under the USMC branch. They operate in 8 man teams and are armed with M16A2s and a unit M39 EMR. FAC Capable.

10th Mountain: A 8 man squad of specialised mountain light infantry. They are tough and experienced soldiers, although they are regular infantry rather than a Special Force. They are armed with M4 Carbines and a unit M14EBR.

US Airborne: A 8 man squad which represents 101 Airborne, 82nd Airborne, Air Cavalry/Air mobile, 25th Infantry, and 173 ABCT. They are light infantry units which lack support weapons and by no means elite. They carry M16A2s and a unit M249 SAW.

Marine Expeditionary Force: Standard 18 man Marine Corps twin section of light infantry. They are regular, albeit it, well experienced infantry force famous for being poorly equipped. Interestingly, their unit sizes are slightly larger than Army counterparts. And all officers carry M4 rifles as "Every man is a rifleman". They are armed with M16A2's/M4 and a unit M60.

US Army Infantry: A standard 16 man twin section of regular US Army infantry. Compared to other Western forces their training is lacking, however their high resolve and gun ho attitude give them a huge morale boost. They are armed with M16A2s and a unit Mk48.

Support Options

M(L)119 A1 Light Divisional Howitzer: The US Army operates a large number of the British L118 Light guns. Their crews carry CAR-15 PDW's.

M777: The M777 Howitzer is a state of the art precision gun in use with the US Army amongst others as towed heavy artillery. It has a high rate of fire and requires a small crew. Gunners are armed with CAR-15 PDW's.

M198: A larger, slower firing gun which requires a larger crew. However the gun fires different munition types to the M777 which can be advantageous, the gunners carry CAR-15 SMG's.

GPMG Team: A two gun section equipped with a M240B on a tripod mounting for precision fire, and an M240B with a bipod to support and range the primary gun.

60mm Mortar Team: 
A mobile team equipped with the fast firing and multi role M224 mortar and the 3 man crew can resort to their M4 Carbines.

81mm Mortar Team: A team equipped with the harder hitting British L16 81mm mortar. However they are unable to move due to the large size of the mortar. They can dig in their mortar if needs be and the crew wields M4 Carbines.

Javelin Team: A skilled pair of Javelin operatives which provide US Forces with a good anti tank and anti fortification capability. They also carry M4 Carbines.

SRAW: The SRAW is a rocket launcher carried by USMC to breach walls and doors. This unit consists of a 3 gunners operating around 1 tube. They also carry M4 Carbines.

US Army Sniper/spotter: A pair of skilled soldiers armed with the M24SWS. They are capable of engaging distant objects effectively.

USMC Sniper/spotter: A marine sniper team armed with the M40 rifle. They operate similarly to other American sniper units.
Designated Marksman: A section marksman armed with the new M110 SASS Rifle which is based off of the M14. The shooters skill is noticeably better than the rest of the squad. Yet does not rival the sniper. They are used in a supporting role and engage usually to suppress between 400 and 800 metres.. 

M2 Browning HMG: The powerful .50 Calibre is an excellent anti personal weapon widely used in the US Army and Marines.


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